Baseball fans will be allowed to attend games starting in a few weeks – in a way

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Posted on: July 16, 2020 5:47 pm EDT

Unique options will allow some MLB fans to have their virtual likeness in the stands

Amid the difficult times that the coronavirus pandemic has caused for many people and industries, the world has had to adapt to major changes that came as a result. In every crisis, there is always a chance to innovate, and the MLB has come up with a great idea to still allow the fans to be present in the field and be seen by the players – in a way. This novel out-of-the-box solution will even allow the clubs to recover some of the lost revenue they got from attendance during games, including the selling of goods and on-field advertising.

The idea, which emerged this month, has already caught the attention of many teams, such as the San Francisco Giants, the LA Dodgers, the Milwaukee Brewers and others. It works in a very simple way – fans can submit a picture and pay a fee, and the team will build a big cardboard-based cutout to be placed in a seat during games. There are some other perks that are included besides being “there” like being able to keep the cutouts and even getting a game ball if a fan’s virtual self is hit by a foul ball. However, these aren’t league-wide, and each team has its own procedures and offerings.

The prices for the fans range from as low as $49 up to $299 and the difference, as with most ballparks, depends on where the seat is located. Other clubs, though, are restricting these sales only to season-ticket holders, which still could mean significant revenue. The idea has already been well-received by the fans, so hopefully it ends up being a win-win situation.