Tight Ends taken in first round of NFL Draft

ODDS: Odds: Over .5 (+570), Under 5 (-960) 04/23 20:00 ET
Tight Ends taken in first round of NFL Draft

Are you ready for some football?! The NFL regular season is still months away and even preseason is a while off, but football fans get a huge dose of excitement with the NFL draft starting this Thursday, April 23rd.

This is the latest edition in a series of articles previewing proposition bets available at the Winning Poker Network sportsbooks.

The prop for today is the number of tight ends selected in the first round. Over .5 is +570. Under .5 is -960.

Tight End is one of the most important positions in football. If you can get a great one like the now-retired Rob Gronkowski, it can help you immensely in both the passing and running game. Gronk was actually a second round pick out of Arizona in 2010, although he would have been a first rounder if it wasn‘t for a back injury.

If you look at the chart below, you can see that there have been several years with either 0 or 1 tight ends selected in the first round. However, the exceptions were last year (2) and 2017 (3).

This year, the tight end class is a weak one overall according to the draft experts. There is really only one player who is a candidate to go in the first round and it’s Cole Kmet from Notre Dame. Kmet is more of a second-round value, but with teams like New England needing a TE bad, he could be pushed up

I think the better odds value is the ‘Over .5 + 570 odds’ because the payoff is so good. However, I would make it a smallish wager.

Tight Ends taken in the first round.
2019: 2
2018: 1
2017: 3
2016: 0
2015: 0
2014: 1
2013: 1
2012: 0
2011: 0
2010: 1