Biometrics technology is entering all facets of everyday life

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Posted on: June 11, 2020 6:39 pm EDT

The world of artificial intelligence is redefining how people interact

The need for better security measures is higher than it has ever been in the past since most people keep a lot of important information on their mobile devices. To ensure this security, mobile phone and technology developers have integrated biometric technology within these devices as a way to prevent theft. Most people have seen some kind of biometric technology in use since it gradually has been integrated into more parts of everyone’s daily routine, and the trend is only going to continue.

Probably one of the most common uses of biometric technology is mobile fingerprint scanners, which were introduced in 2007. They have evolved to offer a faster response, and companies like Samsung have taken this feature to the next level by embedding the scanner into smartphone and tablet screens with a pressure system.

Biometrics are also making an entry into virtual reality (VR) systems through the addition of facial tracking and eye-tracking devices that have been developed specifically for VR. For this technology, this is a big step that can bring accuracy within the games, which have been expanding even into the gambling industry with VR slot machines and similar alternatives.

Another area that is being enhanced with the use of biometrics is airport security. Now, facial recognition devices are being used at passport gates to increase the level of security. It can also help track down criminals and those hiding from the authorities in foreign countries.

Perhaps one of the most widespread uses of biometrics is voice recognition software like what is found in cars and home devices. It can understand voice commands to change a song or set a navigation device, or simply answer the phone. It was a great addition to help reduce road traffic collisions and add a high-end feature to make vehicles more attractive.