Brazilian eSports streamer becomes brand ambassador for Betway

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Posted on: July 31, 2020 6:37 pm EDT

League of Legends former master Baiano puts his reputation behind the sports gambling platform

The massive growth that the eSports industry has had over the years has allowed other industries to leverage it to increase their own profit.
eSports activities are now a common activity that is being followed by major sports gambling and bookmaker companies, such as Betway, which has just signed a new ambassador for its brand. Brazilian Twitch streamer Baiano, an eSports star and ex-professional player of League of Legends, is the latest addition to the online bookmaker operator.

After retiring from his five-year-long eSports career, Baiano regularly broadcasts gameplay and other parties for major tournaments. Now that he joined Betway, he hopes to bring his fans closer to the action by engaging them through betting on their favorite eSports events. After working directly for Betway earlier this year, Baiano will now produce bespoke content and, at the same time, will promote a message of responsible gambling to his viewers. In addition to that, he will bring awareness towards the brand through his work on social media as well.

“Baiano captivates audiences with his personality and entertaining gameplay; he is a fantastic addition to the Betway Team. The Brazilian esports community is thriving, and we are proud to continue our support of it over the coming months,” said Betway’s Head of Esports, Adam Savinson. Baiano is quite a popular streamer, with more than 250,000 followers on Twitch and nearly three million channel views in just the last 30 days. This is a great opportunity for eSports fans to enter into the gambling industry now that their favorite competitions are being included, and for the bookmaker to gain more market share.