ComeOn AI-based gambling tool helps enhance responsible gaming

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Posted on: April 8, 2020 5:49 pm EDT

The new application allows gamblers to avoid falling into addiction

It has been predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will start reshaping the world of gambling during the next decade. On a lesser scale than video games, the gambling industry has been servicing new emerging AI-based technologies as a testing ground, so the application of new technologies in the industry has been favored. A new AI-powered tool is being presented by an iGaming operator, ComeOn, in partnership with data science specialist neccton to offer a resource for players to avoid serious gambling problems and addictions. Online gambling sites are also committed to responsible gaming, but it has never been easy to identify potential issues in a timely manner to help players stay away from problem gambling.

To develop this tool, several psychology academics participated to direct the data that was being tracked by the software to accurately detect risk patterns and changes in behaviors in order to help the gambling tool flag potential signs of a gambling problem. Says Helena Berg, Responsible Gaming Manager at ComeOn, “At ComeOn, we are convinced that gaming services can be delivered in a safe and sustainable way. Providing the right conditions and incentives for players to gamble responsibly is part of how we take care of our customers and ensure the safe and high-quality service we want to offer them.”

According to the information shared by ComeOn, if the system detects a potential gambling problem or the risk of developing one, this new gambling tool will offer the gambler personalized feedback, as well as stop all communications to encourage responsible gaming. “We are happy that ComeOn has chosen neccton as their partner to help ensure player safety to their customers. Using modern technology to analyse player behavior, detect risk signals, and, in a user-friendly way, inform the players is a great method that has proven to be successful modifying player behaviour,” added Dr. Michael Auer, Director at neccton.