Counter-Strike stars set to complete in cryptocurrency-based tourney

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Posted on: June 30, 2020 5:41 pm EDT

Verasity, the attention-based platform for gaming, video streaming, and rewards, has launched an esports tournament using cryptocurrency. Users can compete in Counter Strike: GO tournaments, place wagers on players, and view events streamed live. Games will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. Bets can be placed using Verasity’s own VRA tokens.

The upcoming tournament will include well known CS:GO players such as Kevin Susanto (Xccurate) and Nathan Schmitt (NBK). The former is said to have more than two million fans across the globe.

Verasity’s VRA tokens operate similar to the Basic Attention Tokens used by the popular Brave web browser. Yet Verasity’s creation offers several benefits over Basic Attention Tokens, namely that content creators get all the revenue. It’s also agnostic of the environment.

CEO RJ Mark Hain stated, “The publisher has to get on board with using BAT for getting monetization by those rewards. What we do is entirely different. We don’t have anything to do with a browser. If you work for a large publication like Bloomberg, Bloomberg has a video player which is powered by Brightcove.” He went on to remark, “And Bloomberg wants to have a reward, whether it be Crypto or anything else. They take our SDK, it takes them about a half hour to install it, and then they control the monetization of all of that, of everything that goes on inside of that video player and ad stack for themselves.”

While Verasity is attempting to make the most of the rising popularity of esports during the coronavirus pandemic, it expects to thrive even when the world returns to normal. As an indication that Verasity is in business for the long haul, the company has inked deals with both Susanto and Schmitt’s agents.

Verasity has also applied for a gambling license in Curaçao. The company expects to offer other games like basketball and soccer.