Crypto-friendly Brave Browser announces partnership with Guardian VPN

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Posted on: July 28, 2020 8:18 pm EDT

In a move designed to bolster user privacy, Brave Software has partnered with Guardian to create new versions of its iPad and iPhone browser. The updated iOS and iPadOS apps add a Guardian-powered firewall and VPN to the already secure Brave Browser. User can block trackers and bolster privacy with a single click.

Commenting on the announcement, Brave Chief Executive Officer Brendan Eich stated, “I’ve paid for their firewall already and I use it. But many users haven’t discovered it, with Brave we’re promoting it, making it easier, the switch is right there in the settings. So I think this is good for Guardian. It’s good for Brave users who haven’t acquired a VPN.”

Brave boasts more than 15 million user and that number continues to grow every month as people look to reclaim their privacy in an every increasingly public world.

Eich added, “We evaluated over a dozen VPNs and chose Guardian because of the shared focus on user privacy of our two companies and the technical capabilities of Guardian. The Firewall + VPN is a crucial part of the Web experience that our users have wanted, and we’re thrilled to bring this capability to Brave.”

Guardian CEO Will Strafach remarked, “Brave and Guardian are like-minded companies, passionate about the right to protect privacy in an online world of uncontrolled surveillance, and we’re very pleased to join forces to put more power into users’ hands.”

Although the Brave browser is free, users who wish to take advantage of the firewall and VPN will need to subscribe. Users can subscribe within the app for $99.99 annually or $9.99 on a monthly basis. Subscriptions are valid on up to 5 devices.

While Brave is known for its Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), users can not pay for their subscriptions with crypto at this time. This is due to the terms and conditions of Apple’s App Store.