Dignitas eSports group partners with RESPAWN energy drink

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Posted on: June 30, 2020 5:44 pm EDT

Gamers and energy drinks are an expected combination

One of the brands that have been linked with many video games is undoubtedly Mountain Dew. It became a companion for late nights of gaming due to its high levels of caffeine, which open the market for other brands to engage with gamers in a creative way. To embrace this opportunity and promote a drink that targets gamers, other companies like Razer have developed similar products but with the idea of improving gaming performance instead of just giving an energy rush. Razer’s new product, RESPAWN, is seeking its way into the mainstream eSports world by becoming the sponsor of the Dignitas eSports team.

This new partnership is a great opportunity for the New Jersey-based eSports organization, and it includes the team featuring the drink logo on their jerseys. RESPAWN is a drink that comes as a powder that, when mixed with water, can provide gamers a mental edge and improved performance. Other agreements under this new deal are the release of co-branded products, including co-produced digital content and online events. One of the goals is to have Odyssey, the existing video series documenting Dignitas’ League of Legends team, presented by RESPAWN.

According to Michael Prindiville, the CEO of Dignitas, this is a partnership that both organizations were seeking, especially the eSports organization, due to RESPAWN’s focus on increased performance. The powder comes with its own marketed shakers, which makes it look more like a protein powder supplement more than a canned Monster. For Prindiville, this drink goes well with the component of Dignitas’ identity for mental focus and clarity.