Epsilon Esports still not making good on outstanding debts

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Posted on: July 22, 2020 5:55 pm EDT

The eSports group reportedly hasn’t provided the compensation it has promised since last October

Epsilon Esports returned to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) scene after the replacement of former CEO Greg Champagne. That was five months ago and, even though the eSports team is back in action, there are some debts that are still unpaid from that period. According to an email he wrote, Champagne said that the repayment process started back in October 2019; however, at least two players and one coach are claiming that they haven’t received any payments yet.

Complexity coach keita, Endpoint player robiin and 19-year-old FaZe Clan star Broky state that they are still owed thousands of dollars each, and that they haven’t received a single payment corresponding to that debt. For the whole five months that Broky played for Epsilon, he did not receive any payments. He walked away from the organization almost a year after and he is still owed around $6,000 in salary payments that are due for April, May, June and July 2019. This information was later confirmed by his talent agent at GLHF, Samy Bessi.

On the other hand, robiin said that he is out $1,693.73 in unpaid wages, equal to one month’s salary earned while he was playing for Epsilon, according to Dot Esports. The eSports player also said that neither Epsilon nor Champagne have contacted him, not even once, since he left the team in September 2018.

“My experience playing for Epsilon probably wasn’t as bad as most people who were part of the org in different games,” said robiin to Dot Esports. “My issues with him [Champagne] were that he was always extremely slow to reply regarding roster changes or payments which hurt our ability to get/keep players on the team which was demotivating for everyone until he finally called it quits and pretty much disappeared.”