ESL One Birmingham extends an open invitation to all eSports teams

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Posted on: May 14, 2020 5:59 pm EDT

The upcoming tournament will be held online, making it easier for more organizations to participate

One of the most popular Dota 2 eSports competitions, the ESL One Birmingham, has switched to an online event amid the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, as a change from the usual scenario, this year, the organization has opened its invitation to all eSports teams. The upcoming online event will welcome the most dominant teams across every region and, so far, a total of 30 teams are getting ready for this championship.
There are still eight more teams that need to be decided over the next few days, with a few qualifiers still to take place.

The biggest portion of the tournament presence comes from the combined Europe/CIS region, with 16 teams – 14 of them invited directly by ESL. The other two teams fought their way into the event by winning the qualifiers. There are, however, some smaller teams that usually would be competing in the qualifiers that have already made it into the main event.

There a few organizations that have two competitive teams, i.e., OG and, which have both their main roster as well as a developmental roster – with a great performance during the last several months. However, since the league allows only one team per organization to be part of the event, OG and Prodigy’s main rosters are the ones participating. One significant absence from this year’s event is the team Nigma, although it is not clear yet why the team is not showing up. The available spot has been filled already by Cyber Legacy, which already received an invite.