Folding and folding your ego as a poker player

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Posted on: May 8, 2020 6:04 pm EDT

Poker players have to put their egos in check if they want to be winners

One of the aspects that separate poker from any other casino table game is the matter of making decisions. A poker player has the chance of considering the cards before deciding if the hand is worth playing; this action alone gives a player several possible strategies to apply during a hand. There are many poker players out there who still struggle with understanding the scope of folding a hand, and most of them do it only after seeing the flop – something similar to a lotto in which you hope your cards are good enough for the flop.

This is not always a good strategy since there are cards that are not even worth playing, or that can lead to further pre-flop actions. Folding is a hard decision to make, especially when your ego gets in the middle, so learning how to fold both is part of a good strategy. The worst part is that folding doesn’t even bring the comfort of knowing that the right decision was made since the opponent won’t show the cards.

Another reason that trying to smash the flops might not be ideal is that it is completely random and any of the other players will have similar results. There isn’t much strategy that can be applied there. So, playing this “flop-lotto” will not lead you to anything better than just losing your rake.

However, this is where folding can become useful and allow you to collect winnings in the long term. If you fold more than your opponent, but play stronger when having a better range then you will, in fact, smash more flops than the rest. The best part is that the process will also save you all the chips that otherwise would have been wasted in calling any hand to get to the flop.