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By 99problemss
Hello, I love playing at ACR in the SNG . But I play lower staked ones and have no shot at ever winning the top 10 spots on the sit and crush leader boards. I was wondering if you could make a leader board for micro mid stakes and high stakes 3 separate boards so everyone can have a chance at cashing :D
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By Varnel Hill
Good idea. I really enjoy the SnG action at ACR as well but since I play $5-$15 buy-ins and I do not multi table, I never have a shot at sniffing the leaderboards. However, I do win and place in SnG's quite regularly and I would love to see a leaderboard based on actual results. I totally understand why the leaderboard is currently tailored for the players who play the most. I am not expecting ACR to change that anytime soon, but I would love to see something in the future that recognizes real stats like winning %, cashes etc.
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