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By ACR Rep
ACR Venom Raffle

$1 raffle drawing can win you up to $1,000,000!

$30,000 in prizes!

If the $7 Million Venom doubles the GTD, one raffle winner will win $1,000,000!

How to purchase your raffle ticket:

Send $1 to screenname VenomRaffle via a player to player transfer at Americas Cardroom. This is available only through Americas Cardroom.

Your name will be added to the forum list of participants within an hour.
  • Only 1 ticket may be purchased per player.
  • Deadline to purchase a ticket is Tuesday, Aug. 4th at midnight ET.
After your p2p is successful, please allow up to an hour for your screenname to appear in the participant list.

See the List of Participant Screennames

How to see if you won:

Random drawings will be done at the ACR Show.

Location: The ACR Show
When: Friday, August 7th at 3pm ET

Prize Details:

We will host six $5,000 9-man Sit and Go’s at Americas Cardroom. This totals $30,000. 54 players will be randomly drawn from the raffle participants to play these. The prizes for each are:

1st: $2,500
2nd: $1,500
3rd: $1,000

If the $7 Million Venom doubles the GTD ($14 Million or more), we’ll draw nine names to play in a 9-man Sit and Go with a $1,000,000 first-place prize.

*If more than 30,000 entrants are in the raffle, the sit and gos values will be increased to reflect the number of entrants.

Help us make the Venom HUGE, and we’ll make a second millionaire!
If the 9 handed 1 million dollar game happens, will it be winner take all? If we were lucky enough to be picked for such can we state that we'll give $1000 to the other 8 people, or 6 people, or ? that don't make any money money among the table to be friendly and in hopes that they do the same? Or would that be considered collusion?
Nice to see a generous soul :) The Venom didn't double the GTD, so the million game won't happen. However, we do have the drawing for 54 people for the six $5000 sit and gos. Those award top 3 places. Be at the ACR show on Friday to see if you'll be in one those. Good luck :)
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