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By Pkrisfn1
Can you please add some rebuy tournaments that aren't survival mode. Where you can rebuy at the beginning and can double rebuy if you bust and stay at the same table when you do rebuy and of course add on at the end of the rebuy period. Most tournaments are rentries or freezeout with hours of late registration. The micros especially could use some real rebuy tournaments. Always reraking for re-entry is kinda lame. Should just let people play 4 buyins at the same time instead like full tilt poker did. Anyway just a thought.
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By WPN_Rep20

We will take your idea into consideration and I personally will discuss the possibility of having some R/A tournaments, though I can't guarantee they will be added into the regular schedule you can rest assured they will be discussed.


Tournament Team Rep.
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By Pkrisfn1
If you can't then at least make it where you can stay at the same table when you reenter by having a button on the side where you can click auto re-enter. That way some kind of table image could come into play
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By incognito17
I agree with the above poster with regards to adding tourneys with rebuys and addons. $6, $11, $33 etc would be successful for sure.
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