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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
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By Nobody
I for one would love to see 5 card draw offered. I see 7 card stud but have yet to see anyone play. It'd nice to have a freeroll tourney for this added and maybe instead of all hold em or all Omaha, all 3 could be rotated every other game that registers to keep it exciting. Just my thoughts, anyone?
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By Winning_TD

We wont be doing 5 card draw. We dont even have that option but for the freerolls I will be changing them daily to different formats etc.
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By Diputsur
by 'changing them daily' do you mean removing them completely? Haven't seen a freeroll in a few days! +1 on wanting draw, stinks that it's a no-go, but how about razz? You're an R away from being able to offer mixed games/tourneys (think HORSE tournaments) Could be a huge benefit for the site. The more games offered, the better! I recently joined ACR because I can't play on Stars anymore (getting back into the game after a 10 year hiatus) I miss the razz, 2-7, draw offerings... add those games to the mix and you won't be able to handle the influx of players to your network! You'll get everyone that formerly played on Stars in the US that can longer do so! Worth a thought ;)
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