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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
:evil: Why is ACR killing my micro stakes tourneys? First the 1$ on demand changes to 1.65 and now the $.55 on demand tourneys i love to play is gone. I like these because if i go in a slump i can still manage with my $50 bank roll. The only options left $1 or less a game are survival mode's witch seem more like luck than skill or cyclones witch are fun but i suck at them!

I want to play regular skill poker micro stakes again !
I would play scratch off's or slots if i wanted games of chance!

I'm a disabled vet that can not afford to play 20 $1.65 games in a day if I'm in a slump but i can afford 20 $.55 games!

Please bring the $.55 on demand back!

p.s. what happened to the Final Table graphics?
I'd like to add there are only $50 and $200 On Demands in a range 20-200
Is there an option to add some more? For example adding $30 and $80 would improve volume in these games significantly.

Also I agree with other posters that adding ante's from 1st level in SNG's would make them more fun.
BTW Turbo SNG's clearly lack some levels if compared to other sites. Games are like: everyone is tight for few levels because there is no ante's and then suddenly: pushfold.
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