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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
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You guys are surpassing your guarantees regularly, I think that is amazing for you guys and amazing for poker. However your tournament lengths are still way too long. 10 to 12 hour tournaments shouldn't exist unless its for your flag ship Sunday tournament. You have minor inconsequential levels in your tournaments. Your daily 25k chip 3:30 eastern tourney would be better without the following levels: BB=350,450,550,650,750,850,950,1050,1100,1300,1500. That is 11 needless levels, you can shave 2 hours off your late registration and your players will still enjoy deep play. You can even add some levels on the back end of the tournament by adding a 70000/140000 and a 80000/160000.
You can make these additions and shorten the blind length to 8 minutes or continue to tinker with blind lengths to get your total tournament duration lowered.
You guys have started to do some of this with your (2 hour late registration tournaments), some of these tourney lengths have dropped to 6 hours which is amazing. 6-8 hours should be the target. You can still get plenty of great play by manipulating chip stacks, blind levels and blind duration.
I live on the east coast so I would love some offerings for tournaments that don't last until 3 in the morning, however I cant have it all.

Once again you are passing your guarantees however this could have happened sooner with better tourney structures. Recreationals don't want 12 hour tourneys.
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