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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
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By wfks
Just copy a Stars structure. Your tournaments take way to long, you can play 7 hours and still not be in the money on a your regular daily tournaments.

You added 4hr late reg tournaments with 6 minute levels? A turbo should be have 1-1.5 hour late reg, it should be finished in 3.

Your 10k-12 min tournaments are not bad structures, why not just change some to a 2 hour late reg. Lower the guarantee if you're afraid.

When lockdown ends you will lose a lot of the rec players they can't play 10 hour tournaments on a week night.
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By Varnel Hill
Yeah 4 hr LR is pretty ridic to me for a site that has all of this traffic right now. I would gladly play in tournies with slightly lowered guaranteed amounts that don't take so long to complete. If I do not have a free six hours to burn I do not even bother looking at the tournament lobby.
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By sncreg
imo they get it wrong in the sense that blind increases are too small, but yet starting stacks are also too small. It's useless blinds taking ages to increase if you're not deep stacked enough to encourage action cuz everyone's just folding pre anyway.

If you compare average vs mean stacks (or median, whatever it is) between sites, wpn's means are way higher than everyone elses, so if you take a stars game and wpn game both on 500k average chips, the wpn game will have way more stacks at 500k, but stars will have way more on 2m and way more on 100k (exaggerated roughness) so the stars game will finish quicker than the wpn with everyone on a middling stack being a total nit as the next blind level increases by a gnat's cock.

They call one game a "super stack" and you start with 66bbs lmao what the actual???????
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