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By kazamman
Disconnect issue that happens pretty often 1 in about 200 hands i play.

Only happens on blitz.
It happens the instant i get dealt in the hand. Seats disappear. Reconnecting icon displays. I'm reconnected, displays seats again, others are making actions now. But when it gets to me, my buttons don't show up and i have to wait till my hand gets mucked and for it to sit me out. Then i will click the sit back in button and all is good again, till the same issue happens again.

I'm lucky it hasn't happened when I have AA. But it's quite annoying.
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By stongpanyisabot
Yup same thing happens to me. This is actually a pretty gamebreaking bug, I'm not sure if the techs know about this yet. I flopped top two in a 4bet pot but DCed and had to fold earlier :(
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