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At this point it is just ridiculous. It's been over a month since the constant connection issues have been happening in Blitz and absolutely nothing has been done about them and in fact it has gotten worse this week and at times games are unplayable. Also why is it that when you disconnect you snap fold and your timebank doesn't activate? Don't understand the point of a timebank if it's not going to activate in a situation like that. There have been multiple posts in the forums about it and nobody associated with ACR acknowledges the posts.

I get it, you guys don't really care as long as people keep playing but at least pretend to care because this is total BS.
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By kazamman
Still getting these issues. Cost me $100 today when i timed out on the turn in a big pot. I had 50 seconds+ in my timebank but got disconnected and booted from the hand within 10 seconds.
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