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By sao
Why can you only bet certain decimals in BBs? IIRC, I can bet 2.2 BB and 2.4 BB but not 2.3 BB. I can also bet 2.24 BB but not 2.23 BB. And some numbers work some times but not others - I think 2.25 is this way.
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Your software's cash game add money function works in a weird way, need to have table balance+ top up amount IN THE CASHIER to make a top up, so say I have 400$ at the table, want to top up 200$, I need to have 600$ available money in the cashier. If I want to make 200$ top up why do I need extra 400$?
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By LosingReg
sitting out on like 4 tables because your software keeps disconnecting.....
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By BabyByeByeBye
Hi, certain % of pot buttons don't work properly in the blinds. For example when playing HU, raising 75% gives you a min raise when it should be 2.5bbs. In the BB when SB limps raising 150% makes it 3bb which is what 100% pot should bet.
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