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By WPN-Rep12
Remember to check what new features, improvements and bug fixes included in our upcoming March 18th update.

Keep in mind that the following list does not include our complete bug list, we have minor and back end items that are not included in this list.

This list of reported bugs is not necessarily in development priority, lists are always evolving and subject to change.

- Table getting focus after pre-action button is selected. *
- Lobby filter not working for blitz poker. *
- Reward points not updating
- Hand History not saving if you close the table before the hand is over.
- Active/Waiting List table loses highlight sometimes.
- When sitout is selected during break, it still deals the first hand after break.
- When a new player sits at the table, or sits out and back in he is lit like he is in the hand until the end of the hand.
- Players that left the table randomly show as sitting out and hold the seat.
- While sitting out in a tournament if you click 'Im Back' before the action gets to you it still folds your hand.
- Money in Play on the table header is not updating properly.
- Cash tables randomly un-highlight themselves in the lobby while still playing at them.
- Table stats, stack and win/loss dont update properly after auto top up.
- Unable to rebuy during break time.
- Final table graphics not enabling.
- ITL: Player is no longer highlightable in the main list.

*scheduled for release soon.
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