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If I know I'm going to be late coming back after a break, I (frequently) click the sit-out chip so as not to annoy my opponents. Unfortunately, the chip is ignored and cleared when the break ends and I by the time I get back to the table, I am sitting out as a result of an expired time-bank! It's happened to me on approximately 10 occasions, and I've even tested while present to verify it's an actual bug with the software. Previously reported via contact us (I was not aware of this forum until recently). Would be nice if this 'opportunity for enhancement' was corrected ;)
Hi Diputsur, thank you for the report. We have recorded and reported this behavior already, actually what happens is that the sit out option is enabling after the next hand is over and it should enable at the beginning of next hand.
If you go to break already sitting out it will keep you out after the break, if you press it during the break it enables it after the first hand (consuming your time bank :( ). In any case thank you for reporting hopefully we will deploy a fix for this soon.
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