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By Dizz05
Lately whenever I have at least two tables, one will randomly switch from displaying chip counts to number of big blinds. There doesn't appear to be any specific action that triggers the change, and the only way to fix it is to check the box to display big blinds (which is unchecked even though one table is displaying BBs), click apply, then uncheck the box and apply again.

Not sure if I'm doing something to cause this or if it's just a random bug affecting that new option.
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By Buzzz
I thought the same, but if you click anywhere in the box that has the username/stack size it toggles back and forth between bb and actual stack size
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By Dizz05
Ahh, thank you for the info. This needs to be an option that you can toggle on/off imo. It can be a distraction, especially when multi-tabling.
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