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(not really true for me but my friend)
LIVE : i had played in a poker league with some friends had a 24-27 person live league tourney 3table and my friend was down to 150 chips or something and the blinds were 100/200 or something like that , 3 hours later my friend won the tourney binking it at $200-300 it was a $20 buy in , lfg wtg

(my online biggest bink )
my best online bink and highest was 3rd in a acr tourney paying $393 in oct 2019
The craziest poker hand I've ever witnessed, rivals the 4-hi river call TexasLimitKing made :o

I do not remember the exact board texture, bet sizes, etc, but I will do my best to tell this story as accurately as possible... the specifics don't influence the story.So I'm playing $1-3 live late on a weekend, very good and deep game. These two guys end up getting into a hand and this is how it unfolds. Neither player isa a and they have played together for maybe <2 hours total.

Villian 1 makes a large open, couple callers. (all stacks are 100BBs+ eff)
Flop comes out and V1 leads for almost, everyone folds to V2 who calls, HU to the turn.
Turn is a blank and V1 fires big again, V2 tanks and calls. Pot is over $500 going into the river.
River is another innocuous card and Villian 1 decides to pull the trigger on the triple, sizes his bet down from the turn (it was around 1/4 pot iirc) and Villian 2 thinks for <30 seconds before making the call.
Villian 1 smiles, picks up his hand and exposes the bottom card to the whole table, it's a red Ace, then taps the table and tosses his hand into the muck, face down (his hand was never tabled). Villian 2 stands up knocking his chair over in the process and triumphantly exclaims "I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT!!!" as he turns over his winning hand. He had 34ss and completely missed everything. He called the river 4hi and owned this poor guy's soul. My story probably doesn't do it justice, but it was and still is the sickest hero call I've ever seen.
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