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By Ralo
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but i'm wondering if I can play on ACR as I live in Henderson, NV and I see in the terms of service agreement no residents of the state of Nevada are to download or use their software for any purposes but ACR team pros Jeff Sluzinski and Robert Kuhn both live in the Las Vegas area as well and regularly stream content of them playing on the site from here. Just wondering if it's an exception to the rule just for pros and if I would be subject to a ban by playing in the same location as them? If it's a formality in the terms for some reason and doesn't actually apply I understand but I would like a clear answer before I put myself at risk of my funds being confiscated. Thanks.
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By Michealwhold
Im looking for a group of good dayz players who live in the US to play with. You dont have to know origins by heart but I would like the people I play with to have some experience playing dayz and or origins. Im cool with PVP or NO PVP and Ill chose the server. Just PM me or post on this thread if you are interested.
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