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By ACR Rep

Players dictate late registration structure.

Minimum Late Registration time: If the guaranteed amount is met before the late reg level end, late registration ends early: Late registration will then end when the guarantee is met.

Maximum Late Reg time: If the guaranteed amount is not met, late registration continues until the level Indicated by tournament configuration.


- If guaranteed is met before the last level of configured late registration:

Once the current level ends, there will be a 60-second break (similar to an add-on time period) during which any player can enter or reentry. After the 60-second break ends, late registration is over.

- A table message will be sent to all tournaments that the GTD has been met and all players have x minutes remaining to enter.



Removes poker site abuse: Sites want larger guarantees to attract more players. Therefore, sites often abuse their current player pool by offering ridiculous late registration times and poor structures. Tournaments become too long and allow players to abuse a structure.

Removes player abuse: Poker players never miss an edge. They often freeroll the site by sniping late reg tournaments that are much closer to the money. They allow tournaments to overlay and register at the last minute; minimizing the tournament value for both the site and other players. Also, the long late registrations give better players with large bankrolls an advantage because they must be knocked out a ridiculous number of times.


1. Tournaments are shorter.
2. Tournaments have better structures.
3. Fewer tournaments greatly exceed guarantees.
4. Tournaments play deeper after late reg ends.
5. Players with larger bankrolls have less of an advantage.
6. More players at tournament start time.
7. More players busting earlier and unable to late reg will be in other events and game types.
8. Players have a sense of urgency to show up for events earlier.

What are your thoughts? Did we miss anything? Some other corner case we must address?
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By realN3bULA
It's a good idea.
Right now late reg is really excessive, especially for me as European.
Most of your tournaments start quite late in Europe and they can last until 8-10 am which really sucks.
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By Joe
I don't like the idea.
I live in Thailand and play in a morning. So cutting a Late reg would make me miss 3-4 tournaments that start at night but I still able to join with 25-30 BBs
Something I saw yesterday caught my eye. In the Party Poker super high roller series in Russia ( I think it's there) they were waiving the registration fee for anybody who registered before the start of the tournament.

Maybe ACR could have some tournaments like this and increase the fee on re-entries (In a 200+15 re-entries have a $20 fee instead). Which would have the dual effect of increase entries at the start of the tournament and decreasing the incentive to re enter thus ending tournaments earlier and allowing more tournaments to be on the schedule.
I'm not a fan of closing the registration when guarantee is met; If the tournament is advertised as late reg for 15 levels it should remain open for 15 levels. From a players perspective, we want an overlay ... I get the site doesn't want to pay it, but there should be a happy medium. Shorten the length of late registration and see if you still get the influx of players joining during the last round - it may still happen. If it doesn't, lower the guarantees. But capping the tournament once the site is in the black seems like an anti-player move to me.
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