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By WPN-Rep12
I'm glad you brought this up, we have been designing a new financial history that is very bank-like in the sense that it will provide the player everything he needs to easily audit his account's money movements.

I dont have mockups with real life information examples ready, but will get them by next week and post them here so we can gather some feedback before we fully develop.
As said previously, we have been hard at work trying to design a cleaner financial interface which allows players to track their balances with full visibility.

We will no longer have a Game History and a Financial History, they will be merged into one report since they share much of the same information.

We consider there are 2 main functions for this report:
1. To audit/track your balance movements in detail.
2. To be able to group and easily recognize the status of your sessions by categories.

Based on the above, we have come up with 2 different views that we would like to submit for your feedback:

Search Criteria
- Time Zone selector.
- From Date
- To Date
- View Selector

Running Balance View
This is the full running balance tracking view. You should be able to see every balance movement, detail and track it accordingly, it gives you full auditing ability. Displaying:
- End Balance: Will show the final date, a total currency combined Win/Loss, final balances and a summary of the rake in the search.
- Movement Category (MTT Register, Withdraw Request, Deposit, etc)
- Detail: game or transaction detail.
- Date/time of the transaction.
- Currency of the transaction. Additions to any balance will be positive numbers and deductions will be showed as negative numbers.
- Amount of the transaction.
- Real/Ticket/Tourney Dollars Balance after the transaction.
- Rake in the transaction.
- Starting Balance: displays the starting date and starting balances.


now with a simple click of the View Selector you can change to the Grouped View:
Grouped View (collapsed)
This view can be used somewhat as a dashboard view, giving you at a simple glance the win/loss summary of your games, it is grouped by category (Dep/With, Rewards, Cash Games, MTTs, etc) and is expandable for details.

Grouped View (expanded)


We believe this will have the basics to make us as solid as a bank in terms of traceability and balance transparency. We would love to know what ideas and requests you may have for this page so please let us know if you have any feedback or comments.

ps. sorry to @BUSB0Y for hijacking your topic ;) :D
wdelanoy wrote: Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:41 am What about functionality to export to a CSV so that we can build our own spreadsheets for analysis?

Looking forward to upcoming changes!

solid request, will add it ty.

ps. fixed a little type-o we had in screenshot #3 (win/loss amounts where showing under T$Balance)
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