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Mar 4th, 2020 Downtime 6am to 7am ET- RELEASED!

Preview of some of these changes.

- Stability Updates.
- Bot breaking/detecting improvements.
- Mobile – Improved table layout and design.
- Desktop table graphics improvement:
* Bigger action buttons.
* Different preaction buttons.
* Avatar/Nameplate highlight on turn to act.
* Table shadow.
* New dealer button.
- Blitz Poker capped to 5 tables across all stakes.
- Blitz Poker, ‘Waiting for other players…’ message only shows after waiting 3 or more seconds.
- Never open a table directly on top of another open table.
- Right-click on table to change to different table style.
- Slower scrolling in the lobby game list for easier searching.
- Cyclones – Tickets won counter under progress bar.
- Top table buttons tool tips.
- Some ACR Stormers get unique avatars

Bug Fixes
- Missing Hand History in Players Client due to DB timeout when requesting sync.
- Missing $0.10/$0.25 Stakes Filter.
- Manual Auto Top Up error when adding the funds to the table stack, the funds would eventually be included in table cashout amount.
- Mac version live update error.
- BotCheck recaptcha not showing.
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