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By ACR Rep
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I woke up this morning with what I think is a great solution to get what we're all after.

1. Stack the chips by bet.
2. Display the chips exactly; however, put a cap on the stack height.
3. Use a chip color to represent the stack is capped.
4. Cap the number of stacks (repping 4 raises) to 5.

The stacks get stupid tall when someone makes a bet with that requires many chips. This isn't always a large bet. Just a number that must use many chips to get to exactly. This results in chip stacks that look like a middle finger on the table and go through cards, bet amounts, avatars, etc. We can avoid this by capping the number of chips possible in a stack. We'll have a particular color with a "C" on the chip to represent a capped stack.

This gives accurate stacks for most bet sizes.
Players can follow action with the chips display.
We can maximize the possible stack size.
We can make more important elements (fonts and cards) larger for players to see better.
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By Someguy123
I think the really tall stacks will happen when people do bets with 999’s other than that it shouldn’t happen that often. So find a way to cap when someone makes that type of bet. Otherwise if you condense and size up to the next chip denomination it shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Fairly certain a lot of other sites do this for examples.

Example. Someone bets 100k and someone raises to 900k. Don’t just stack 9x 100k chips. Introduce the 500k chip and then 4 100k’s. If you have a number of options for chip denominations, this should help stacks getting too tall.
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