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By Gotdemacez
I play on a 2560 x 1080p UW monitor.

When I tile the tables, 4 tiles no problem (all 4 on the left hand side of the table) and fit well on the screen.

As soon as I have 5 tables+ I can not tile anymore. The tables become too large and overlap by about 50% each. I have to manually adjust the tables to tile them next to each other.

Additionally, any tables that subsequently open are not the same size as the tiled tables. They're off by maybe 10-15% in width. Because you have to drag from the corner to resize, you can not get them to be the same size as the other tables.

Also, MTT tables do not tile with cash tables when open together.

On my monitor, I should be able to tile 8 tables easily with the current table sizing. If the sizing when 4 tabling is indicative of anything, then there should still be space and I should be able to 10 table with maybe 15% overlap (only on the sides, not overlapping top/bottom rows).
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