We love poker. Come be a part of it.

We know many of you use 3rd Party Software.

Instead of player's experiencing trouble with these software, we're working to build the most useful features into our software. We know players enjoy the following:

1. Displaying bets, pots, and stacks in terms of # of big blinds instead of money or chips.
2. Managing large numbers of tables.
3. Displaying statistics on opponent's play.

We will be releasing #1 on April 1st.

What other key features do you accomplish by using 3rd party software and you'd love to have available in the client?
1. Chips to BB.
2. Table bets and pot text size and font readability is very low. Especially relation between table and font sizes: I have to keep tables smaller in order to increase text size.
3. Customizable betting buttons. Set bet size by: % of pot, number of BBs, multiplication of previous bet/raise.
4. Hotkeys: Fix Scroll lagging when multitabling.
Add options for custom hotkeys.
Hotkey for "chips to BB" ON/OFF
5. Table configuration: save custom profiles + assign hotkeys.
6. Add more table backgrounds, felts, cards backs with plain muted colors.
7. Sound settings: separate volume control for each event, ability to use custom sound files.
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback.

1 and 2 will be addressed in April.
3 I hope to have by summer.
4 we'll get to work on brainstorming the best options.
5 I'm not sure how this functions.
6 We have a settings table design option coming soon.
7 We're working on brainstorming on this now.
I think of system realized on PokerStars:
To have several predefined modes plus ability to save any current configuration.
Then user may select from dropdown list at the table to apply that custom configuration when needed.
Actually I thought, that at Pokerstars you have the ability to assign hotkeys to those layouts but it seems I was mistaken. But anyway it would be a positive addition in my opinion.
I hope it clarifies.
hi, ACR team
nice to see that you communicate with players :o
1.themes editor
ability to move boxes,bets,button or making new theme for multitabling
2.blinking for player with action
3.hand history improving + tournament summary
4.background under bet and pot
5.improve sharsckope interaction
6.separate turbo and hyperturbo in lobby filters
7.save notes without need to click a save note button
8.andd notes label for player with text note
9.nicknames wider than box
I'll just list things that haven't been mentioned:
1. Improve notes, make the box/font readable, maybe make it a popup so it doesn't have the size constraint of the bottom left corner of the table.
2. More colors for tagging players.
3. Address waitlist issues, often times I will get the alert that my seat is available and the table automatically shuts down before I can take my seat and other times I never even get the alert and I check the table and I'm no longer on the waitlist.
Pungentcrotchsweat wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:19 pm Customizable cards, or a larger selection of cards to pick from. Modmaniac had some killer card mods that worked on the previous software. Maybe buy him out?
I've begun discussing this with mod maniac and a couple other mod makers. We'll look to get some awesome cards and card backs for the selections in the software.
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