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By Game_Integrity_WPN
While we have made improvements in our detection and prevention techniques to catch players using forbidden software since last year, we also trust in our unique players perception. Our game integrity team carefully evaluates every player brought to our attention, the best way to report it will be directly to gameintegrity@winningpokernetwork.com including:

- Screenname
- Brief description why it called your attention
- Hand or tournament that you might spot suspicious behavior
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By Parcker
Blitz colluders
1 NamesImageBlitz
2 Description
playing only blitz and teamplaying vs other players(by creating multiway pots ,3bet+squeezing ,3bet+open4betting) or making things pre and postflop which is not similar either to rta , gto or human behaviour. Also they have advatage to se deadcards, because other players should play 3 and 4 way pots vs them quite often. Most of the accounts are from Canada and Russia(plus former republics of USSR)
3 Discipline-Blitz 200
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