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By aussieAA
There is still so many bots on your site. are you still looking into them?? or given up??
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By Game_Integrity_WPN
Aside of the software improvements we have made to prevent bots from operating, we also actively review every single report made by our players. Please send an e-mail to gameintegrity@winningpokernetwork.com including the nicknames you`ll like us to evaluate including your observations why you believe might be using a Bot. Or PM us with that information.
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By yellowboy77
I sent a list of bots that i know, would i get any reply with any info about investigation?
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By yellowboy77
The last update(bans) almost 1 year ago...?
Did u security team had a long vocation or u didnt get any report for bots\colluding for 10+ months?
Well, i hope im wrong with my bot reports, and u have the most cleanest environment in the industry, but its very hard to believe in our days poker reality. :roll:
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By Theone1
Game_Integrity_WPN is being intentionally obtuse / vague with you because he has no better answer than to refer to the list from well over two months ago, which at the time we were told would be continually updated and of course to this date told it would be. Lies.
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