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By ACR Rep
Mucked Hands at Showdown

We're strongly considering removing this feature.

The History:

1. Online was like live poker, and a player could muck their hand at showdown and no one knew what they had.
2. Sites put mucked showdown hands in text hand histories on the player's computer. Players enjoy this data both for hand-reading as well as ensuring no collusion is taking place.
3. Sites put mucked showdown hands in the replayer.
4. 3rd-party software read the hand histories and displayed the mucked showdown hands on the table a second after showdown.

ACR currently has mucked hands in the text file and in the replayer. However, many players (mostly recreational players) do not know this exists.

We're strongly considering displaying all showdown hands at the table at the moment of showdown. There would no longer be a muck showdown hand feature.

What are your thoughts?
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By stongpanyisabot
What's the debate here? Gives rec players more info and also allows everyone to forgo the time spent having to click on replayer every time there's a showdown. Seems like a no-brainer to me
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ACR Rep wrote: Fri May 01, 2020 3:15 am
Gotdemacez wrote: Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:11 am Please... Please... Please... Do not implement this.
Pretty please won't stop it ;) If you have some reasons, we're listening.
Gonna post one more thought here so I don't keep clogging up updates thread :)

Ostensibly this is being done to benefit casual players or those who don't know to or bother to check mucked cards in replayer or HH.

However, if you've ever played live and have witnessed how reluctant casual players are about turning over a hand if they think they've lost or made a "questionable" call (Hint: EXTREMELY reluctant, and always looking to get you to show winner and muck first) you might realize that this change will actually turn off those you are trying to help instead of benefiting them.

Yes, many of us know you can look up cards after the hand as has always been the case online. HOWEVER, I think you are vastly underestimating the "embarrassment" factor of having the showdown muck display blatantly to the whole table at the same time. It's A LOT more in your face than having players see it individually/privately - if they even bother to look.

Bottom line IMO: You should probably do a lot more to look into whether the players you are trying to help actually want this change and whether the change is a net gain for these players, prior to implementing this.
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By ACR Rep
It's a good thought. I appreciate it. It must be weighed against:

1. The imbalance of information based on knowing how to use software (or 3rd party software too). An imbalance already too severe in online poker.
2. The ability for players to police collusion, chip-dumping, etc. The more transparent, the better, is WPN's stance.

We've always tried to make online poker as close to live poker as possible. Many of our decisions are made from that maxim. However, the reality is it simply isn't the same, so sometimes that has to flex.

We'll continue thinking on it.
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By Gotdemacez
The only benefit I see to it is to catch collusion. But you guys don't write the mucked hands into the HH, so that can't be the reason you're doing it.

TBH, I didn't even know you could see the hands in replayer until last week. It never affected me not seeing them ever.
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