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Discussion about all game offerings at ACR.
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By Pkrisfn1
It never fills so please add some tournaments that I could use my ticket for or starting using tournament dollars instead of tickets
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By Varnel Hill
Agreed. I have been sitting at the $11+$1 cyclone now for about 18 hrs now and no action. When I first sat down there was 15 people seated and I made 16. We were able to get a few hands in until people started dropping then the tourney completely stopped. I refuse to buy my way out of it because I did that once before and got stuck with a pretty much useless ticket. Why did the ticket amounts change for the Venom in the first place? I would happily give up the extra $1 and take a $10 +$1 ticket that can be used in several tournaments and sng's.
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By blowe1103
Ya tell me about it. I finally got a game going of the $11+1 and won a ticket to the next step $30+2 but this step will be impossible to play. 0 people regiatered in any of the games. 0 in the tournaments 0 in the on demands and 0 on the SNG. now im stuck with a $32 benom ticket and would love to play a $30+3 tourny instead. They need to change this format around or let us use the tickets for tournaments
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By Vitoria
The venom tickets from last venom when they had those freerolls giving 6.61usd tickets where working excelent, since they stopped the freerolls , let people play other tourneys with the tickets and changed the buyins everything died, i have no idea how they think they can get to 7 million GTD now with these stupid satelites... By the way ciclones will never work unless there are serious changes in fees and in the structure with no antes...
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