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When things go wrong...
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By B.sabeS
These two were Head Up Sit-and-Gos were I lost my connection to while playing. I double checked if my connection was ok but surfing Internet Explorer and it was working. I immediately then switched to Hotspot and reconnected but could not find a sit back in button on both games and my opponent was blinding me out. Thereafter, a third table popped up which I was on register mode the whole time and that game went on smoothly while I was unable to sit back into the two tables which I was disconnected on initially.
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By WPN-Rep12
sorry we dont do customer service in this forum, which is why it takes so much time for you to get an answer. In any case I can see your account was refunded, sorry for any inconvenience.
20394494 was refunded on 14:43:02 05/04/2020 and 20394524 on 21:23:43 05/04/2020.
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