France’s top poker player tests positive for the coronavirus

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Posted on: April 20, 2020 8:25 pm EDT

Bertrand Grospellier didn’t realize he was infected, as he showed no symptoms

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, and even though most people are opting for staying at home, there are still thousands of new cases every day. One of the top poker figures in the world, and the best French poker pro in live tournaments, Bertrand ElkY Grospellier, tested positive of coronavirus. The poker pro said that he caught the disease from being in contact with an infected uber driver.

“A little personal news: I’ve been very busy for updates lately, but I was tested positive with [COVID-19],” wrote ElkY on his Twitter account. “Thankfully I am asymptomatic, and Czech has a great pandemic response. Quarantined until further tests but wishing good health to everyone in these crazy times!”

Elky is currently residing in Prague, which has had a significantly better response than his native country France – still struggling to flatten the curve of new cases. In the Czech Republic, there are 6,606 confirmed cases and at least 181 deaths due to the coronavirus. This country has higher testing levels than France, almost two and half more times more.

Luckily for him and for poker fans, ElkY is not showing any symptoms, so it is unlikely that he suffers from any health complications. Of course, he still needs to stay at home and commit to the quarantine so other people won’t get infected, which is probably not that hard now that he is being sponsored by a couple of online poker sites.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached many sectors; the poker scene has not been an exception. ACR boss Phil Nagy’s brother-in-law has passed away, as well, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, three deaths were recently reported from a casual group of retired friends in Florida who gathered regularly to play poker.