Fujitsu’s new AI tech can improve high-dimensional data analysis

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Posted on: July 13, 2020 6:27 pm EDT

AI continues to make its way into all facets of big industry

Tech companies continue to make significant advancements to artificial intelligence (AI) that are taking data analysis to new levels. The latest development comes from Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd., which has just introduced the first AI technology that can capture essential features, including the distribution and probability of high-dimensional data, improving the accuracy of AI detection. High-dimensional data continues to be challenging when it comes to processing it due to the high level of complexity, and this new product might have a solution for it.

Communications networks access data, images and types of medical data are among those high-dimensional data that are difficult to process because it is harder to obtain the characteristics of the target data. So far, to read this data nowadays, the dimension of the input is reduced using deep learning, which led to AI to make some incorrect judgments. What Fujitsu has done is combine deep learning technology with the expertise it has in technology for compressing images, which has been developed and improved over the course of many years.

The company’s work on this field allows the optimization of the processing of high-dimensional data using deep learning technology. This application means that the data is extracted with more accuracy by combining information theory used in image compression with deep learning. This means that first, deep learning will take care of the reduction by optimizing the number of dimensions to be reduced and, after that, the data gets distributed.

“This represents an important step to addressing one of the key challenges in the AI field in recent years: capturing the probability and distribution of data. We believe that this technology will contribute to performance improvements for AI, and we’re excited about the possibility of applying this knowledge to improve a variety of AI technologies,” said Akira Nakagawa from Fujitsu Laboratories.