Gambling companies are increasing advertising efforts in the world of eSports

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Posted on: June 19, 2020 8:57 pm EDT

The eSports industry is now as recognized as any other sports activity

Without a doubt, the most recent and fastest growing sports market in the world is eSports. It has really taken the world by storm, gaining a lot of power during this last decade. Most of the sports gambling operations have been focusing more intensely in this sector, even more so after the world of traditional sports was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. eSports was basically what kept sportsbooks generating revenue while there were no sports at all, so this is a new market niche to explore. Now, gambling companies are making more advertising efforts to draw more eSports fans to bet on their favorite events.

There are several betting companies that are using the reach of the eSports scene advertising within sports as a whole. For gambling companies, it works as an advertiser to bring more people to the events. One of the main advantages is the different groups of people that could be attracted to sports betting. eSports has been working with a typically younger and more influenced audience, which can become potential new worthy clients for the industry. Even though some organizations are placing some restrictions to avoid gambling being promoted, it is noticeable how the market has been expanding.

Suddenly, even eSports teams are partnering up with major sports leagues. For instance, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors were among the first ones to pick an eSports team. Now, they are being represented online by a Golden Guardian banner. In the same way, in Europe, sports teams, such as FC Schalke, have signed deals with eSports teams, as well. Even major sports brands like Adidas and other well-known names are introducing their branding to the eSports scene and becoming the team’s sponsors.