Getting to the root of better Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: May 22, 2020 5:56 pm EDT

Simple common-sense approaches can allow your game to take off

The basics of the game of Texas Hold’em are simple It is easy to teach anyone to play poker, but making a profit out of it and playing winning poker takes something else. A successful poker player is one who always makes the most out of every possible advantage detected during the game – mostly small advantages but some bigger ones, too. Every situation needs to be analyzed and as fast as possible by finding edges and exploiting opportunities. All this thinking ahead is what makes a player win. Understanding the concepts behind a winner player and making them your own will help improve your poker play.

Every action taken by a professional poker player involves thinking, even if the thought process varies from person to person. For instance, some players are more analytical, and some others have a great talent in reading players; they are both, somehow, forms of calculated thinking. There is one idea embedded in most poker games that the intention is to force the opponent to think whenever you take action; however, thinking should be a constant in every hand and not something that is used to attack the other. Most people prefer to be told what to do through a series of rules of precise steps to follow but the truth is that thinking correctly is what makes a poker player win.

The first step is to understand the “why” and “what” of what you do; if these questions are not fully understood, your game won’t be more than just mediocre. More than following direct advice from expert players and learning what to do, it will be much more effective to learn the reasons why those players are doing things right. It is more about thinking every hand and about why your opponent is doing what he is doing, or why everyone recommends folding a specific hand. Having someone just giving you every single answer won’t strike as deep as finding the answers yourself.