GGPoker adds Bounty Jackpot element to some progressive-knockout bounty tourneys

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: October 4, 2022 3:00 pm EDT

Online-poker market leader GGPoker has added a jackpot twist to its already popular progressive bounty (PKO) tournaments by introducing a new wrinkle — Bounty Jackpots. With two-tiered bonus prizes, possibly ranging all the way up to $1,000,000 at middle and higher buy-ins, GGPoker is offering the chance at a life-changing bonanza, though at very rare odds, for bounty tournaments affordable to most players.

The new Bounty Jackpot wrinkle has been added to some, but not all, of GGPoker’s existing PKO offerings. Players on the site will see certain PKO events designated as “Bounty Jackpot” tourneys, with each bounty won in a given tourney also giving the bounty winner a random draw at collecting a jackpot. Players have a 1-in-100 chance of collecting a portion of a tourney’s Bounty Jackpot with any given knockout, with the overall jackpot calculated based on the relative buy-in of the contributing events.

Contributions to the jackpot fund are a fixed percentage deducted from the available bounty pool for any Jackpot Bounty-designated event, and they are redistributed, rather than added, winnings. In this way they are roughly similar to a portion of the rake being contributed to a bad-beat jackpot at live or online BBJ tables.

GGPoker’s Bounty Jackpot pays out a piece of the accumulated jackpot fund according to the following table:

Jackpot Payout / Probability

10% 0.50% 
5% 2.50% 
1.25% 22.00% 
0.6% 75.00% 
(Source: GGPoker)

GGPoker will also allow players to see the 20 largest jackpots awarded from the previous week through a rolling Bounty Jackpot Winners leaderboard, though the leaderboard itself offers no additional prizes beyond money already awarded.

Mega Bounty draw offers largest payouts

The larger promotional hook is the added chance of the Mega Bounty draw, though at very thin odds. Those odds range from 2-in-100,000 (or 0.002%) for Bounty Jackpot events priced under a dollar, up to 150-in-100,000 (or 0.15%) for Bounty Jackpot events with buy-ins of $3,000 and up.

The maximum Mega Bounty payout also varies according to buy-in. Bounty Jackpot events with buy-ins of $2 or less have a Mega Bounty payout of $10,000. Events with buy-ins from $2 to $16 could produce a $100,000 Mega Bounty winner, while the maximum $1,000,000 Mega prize is available for Bounty Jackpot events priced at $32 and higher.

The following table shows the relevant fees charged and the Mega Bounty awards and probabilities for each buy-in level:

Buy-in / Jackpot Fee / Mega Bounty / Probability of Mega Bounty per Jackpot

$3,000~ $150.00 $1,000,000 150,000/100,000,000 
$2,000~$3,000 $100.00 $1,000,000 100,000/100,000,000 
$1,000~$2,000 $75.00 $1,000,000 75,000/100,000,000 
$500~$1,000 $40.00 $1,000,000 40,000/100,000,000 
$300~$500 $20.00 $1,000,000 20,000/100,000,000 
$200~$300 $12.50 $1,000,000 12,500/100,000,000 
$100~$200 $7.50 $1,000,000 7,500/100,000,000 
$60~$100 $4.50 $1,000,000 4,500/100,000,000 
$32~$60 $2.50 $1,000,000 2,500/100,000,000 
$16~$32 $1.50 $1,000,000 1,500/100,000,000 
$8~$16 $0.60 $100,000 6,000/100,000,000 
$4~$8 $0.30 $100,000 3,000/100,000,000 
$2~$4 $0.15 $100,000 1,500/100,000,000 
$1~$2 $0.07 $10,000 7,000/100,000,000 
~$1 $0.02 $10,000 2,000/100,000,000 
(Source: GGPoker)

A full explanation of the rules governing GGPoker’s Bounty Jackpot and associated Mega Bounty is available here. A promotional video for the Bounty Jackpot offerings has also been uploaded to GGPoker’s YouTube channel.

Featured image source: GGPoker