GGPoker launches new “Bet & Go” tournament format

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: November 17, 2022 2:42 pm EST

The Venn diagram of poker players and sports bettors often overlaps more than a little. So, GGPoker lets you do both at once with their new “Bet & Go” tournaments.

How do they work?

Each “Bet & Go” tournament will be connected to a specific sporting event, perhaps an upcoming World Cup football match. There will be two buy-in options at different price points, representing the two teams playing that match. If you go with the heavy favorite, you’ll be at a higher price. But, if you choose the underdog, you’ll get a discount. However, that’s not where the twists end.

While the tournament plays on, so does the sporting event. When the match ends and the bets settle, all surviving players who bet on the losing side are automatically knocked out of the tournament. However, players busted in this way can still rebuy at a non-discounted price.

GGPoker Global Ambassador Daniel Negreanu will be getting in on the hybrid format.

“With Bet & Go tournaments, GGPoker players can support their favorite teams or simply take advantage of the biggest discounts and cheer for the underdogs,” he said. “Watch your team win the event, and you’ll be free to continue to play your way into the money. It could be win-win for you!”

GGPoker Global Ambassador Daniel Negreanu

Odds will be discounted in real-time, and buy-ins will change accordingly. Discounted match buy-ins will be available until regulation ends. Players will be able to see their opponents’ selected teams via flags over their player icons.

The first match will be on November 20th when Qatar faces Ecuador to kick off the 2022 World Cup. Cheer your favorite team on while you rack up the chips and play your own way to victory.