GiG launches real-time AI-based data platform through new partnership

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Posted on: April 27, 2020 5:14 pm EDT

The agreement pushes AI further into the gaming space

In a partnership extension with its first B2B customer Megalotto, the technology company Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) is bringing to market a new real-time data platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This new platform comes to service the operator’s needs through a service that was designed to provide real-time data access. GiG’s new product is compliant, secure, self-service, which also features a standard KPI library across all tools, also integrated through AI.

According to Ben Clemes, GiG’s chief commercial officer, this tool is responsive to the most urgent needs regarding data from its partners. This software is a solution to operators to access data that will improve business intelligence but also complying with all regulations and protecting the customer’s information. Malta-based Megalotto integrated KPI library uses AI to improve the player’s safety, as well as anti-money laundering compliance measures.

“A key strategic objective for Megalotto is to be a data-driven organization that can extract and interpret a mixture of financial & transactional data in real-time, to make better decisions for the customer and for the company. The tools we now have available via GiG data means we can continue to deliver on our vision to offer a personalized lottery and gaming experience to all of our customers, across all markets,” added Grant Williams, CEO at Megalotto.

Megalotto has been running operations since earlier this year after receiving licensing approval from the Malta Gaming Authority. Between GiG and Megalotto, there has been a deal since January 2019, which means the company has been operating on the GiG platform since then. With this added feature, data can be analyzed to improve its services and revenue.