Google isn’t doing a good job at keeping crypto scams away

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Posted on: May 1, 2020 6:19 pm EDT

A cryptocurrency exchange has launched criticism against the tech giant for its ineffectiveness at blocking scams

From the looks of what’s happening with Google’s handling of certain cryptocurrency scams running everywhere, the tech giant is not doing a good job at tackling this issue. Just recently, Google subsidiary YouTube faced a lawsuit for not doing its share in stopping some channels that were being hacked and use to promote this type of scams. Now, Google’s advertising platform is getting severe complaints for displaying cryptocurrency scams in its advertising network.

A Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency exchange, CoinCorner, is accusing Google of running an ad for a website that seems to be a phishing cloned website,, according to Molly Spiers, CoinCorner’s marketing manager, who brought the subject to light yesterday. While the actual Bitcoin exchange has tried for years with no luck to get one of their ads on Google Ads, this shady site displayed in the ad when the company’s team searched CoinCorner on both and According to Spiers, this ad was being promoted by Google.

Prior to 2018, CoinCorner was a big user of Google Ads services; however, Google placed a ban on any crypto ads that same year. Since then, Google has come back and partially reverse some of the restrictions in place, but that did nothing for CoinCorner, which hasn’t been able to get another ad on google since the first ban was in place. There are other cryptocurrency firms that, to date, are not allowed to use Google Ads besides CoinCorner.

The shady website has now been deemed unavailable and the Google Ad has been removed. That domain was quite recent, according to its registration date on April 29.