Greece Gambling Conference postponed until September

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Posted on: April 21, 2020 6:17 pm EDT

The Smile-Expo-led conference will have to wait because of COVID-19

The next gambling conference brought by Smile-Expo scheduled for April 29 has suffered the same fate as most live events nowadays – it has been postponed. Athens was going to host the first Greece Gambling Conference about the country’s gambling market, gaming regulations and industry development, but running a live conference amid the current global coronavirus pandemic might represent a health risk to the attendants and a possible source of infection to others. As a result, the event has been pushed back to this coming September.

The first edition of the Greece Gambling Conference comes as a result of the promising gambling industry that has been growing significantly for the past 20 years. This conference was created as a tool for representatives of online and land-based casinos, betting operators, gambling platform owners and anyone involved in the gambling industry. With recent reforms made by the lawmakers to some investing rules, the currently existing rules of gambling business operations have changed. These new rules come with a few things that will be affected, like the cost of licensing or the maximum bets on the Web, or online gambling advertising, among others. This conference will also provide a place for gambling operators to discuss all the challenges and possibilities presented by these new changes for the future. The conference was bringing experts not only country-based but also foreign specialists who will be sharing information about profitability techniques and customer acquisition.

Smile-Expo international has been organizing these gambling-related events all across Europe in countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Latvia, to name a few. The company currently has a series of iGaming Affiliate Conferences that have gained in popularity in the last couple of years.