Hackers steal the database of the largest hosting provider on the Dark Web

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Posted on: June 2, 2020 6:44 pm EDT

Hackers are now begin hacked by other hackers

Hackers are by no means giving a break to anyone or anything, not even if it’s the Dark Web. The last attack from a hacker with the pseudonym “KingNull,” said that he stole and leaked a database from Daniel’s Hosting (DH) – the largest free web hosting provider in the darknet. This hosting service is also home to several cryptocurrency-related forums and stores.

KingNull claimed to be part of the Anonymous collective and added that he got the information after the second hacking suffered by DH on March 10 – at least 7,600 dark websites were taken down as a result. After this event, the hosting provider was forced to shut down its service and asked users to migrate their sites to other hosting providers within the darknet. Among the data that was stolen and leaked are 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 passwords and 8,850 private keys of the domains attached to those dark web sites.

A cybersecurity and intelligence firm, Under the Beach, confirmed the hack in a report made on May 31. The findings were then sent to ZDNet, and Under The Beach asserts, “This information could substantially help law enforcement track the individuals running or taking part in illegal activities on these darknet sites.” For all users who were affected, the most urgent step is to change their passwords, which were already leaked by the hacker because they could be used to hijack new accounts that site owners have created with other providers.

The darknet is not all about illegal cybercrime-related sites, although they exist in abundance. It is also home of dissident and political sites, which are now exposed and could have their identities revealed to the authorities, according to DH.