Hustler Casino Live announces Creator Night round two

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: March 16, 2023 1:11 pm EDT

The superstars of social media will return to the set of Hustler Casino Live next week for another Creator Night. HCL looks to build on the success of its prior Creator Nights and continue their efforts to introduce poker to new audiences.

Once again, HCL’s Ryan Feldman has put together a star-studded lineup of content creators representing different viewer demographics.

TikTok influencer-turned-boxer-turned-actor Bryce Hall will make his first appearance on the show. In fact, when the cameras go live, Hall may be sitting down to play his first-ever poker hand.

Also making his debut on the show is Josh Richards, TikTok-er and co-host of the massively popular BFFs Podcast. Between the two, Hall and Richards have roughly 50 million TikTok followers.

The remaining announced players, Tommy Unold, Nick Austin, Alexandra Botez, and Mikki, have all made appearances on HCL in the past. They’ll be the “regulars” in this game.

Unold and Austin have both enjoyed success in their prior sessions at HCL and will expect to do well in this lineup. Botez took part in both the first iteration of the Creator Night and the now-legendary Mr. Beast game. In the latter, she was the night’s biggest winner, taking home more than $450,000. On top of that, Botez claimed victory in one of the side events at this year’s PokerStars PCA.

The full lineup has not yet been announced, so be sure to stay tuned for more information coming from HCL’sTwitter.

Story Update – March 17th

Hustler Casino Live has announced the rest of the lineup for next week’s Creator Night game.

The new additions, Hoodie Allen and Eric ‘Barstool Nate’ Nathan, are the final pieces of a promising night of poker.

Allen is no stranger to the HCL set, having played twice before, most recently on the Creator Night back in January. Nathan, the host of Cracking Aces–one of the most popular poker podcasts–makes his long-awaited first appearance on the show.