Improve your poker winnings by avoiding these common mistakes

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Posted on: April 6, 2020 9:54 pm EDT

Seasoned players know how to not fall into traps many novice players don’t consider

When a person starts down the path of learning how to play good poker, the first thing to focus on is to establish a good balance between learning and enjoying the game. There are some people that occasionally enter the poker world with the goal of making a profit and have decent winnings, but, in order to accomplish this, a good poker strategy needs to be applied. There are certain mistakes that rookie players face while trying to reduce loss and that, if avoided, can significantly maximize the chances of winning.

Losing focus by playing several hands at the same time can easily become a problem. Most rookies tend to play several hands at once in both online and offline poker games. Even pro players fall into this mistake more often than they would like to admit. When many pre-flop calls happen during a game, players will end up wasting a lot of chips and are still required to make a call.

This second mistake is linked to the first one. When a poker player starts getting good hands, the urge comes in to play many more hands. However, they realize later that the hands were not that good and that they can easily be beaten. This is something that often happens with low pairs.

For a new player, there is a common feeling of having the urge to bet, especially when sitting at the small or big blind. Some players move along with the bet without even considering how good the hand is. Also, poker players believe that folding will give an image of a weaker contender.

Another common mistake is to get the mind stuck in one hand. Sometimes really good hands in which there has been a lot invested in the pot are hard to let go. Move on and focus on the next hand is the best way to play so the focus can be solely on what’s going on at the table at that very moment.