Improving your rake in multi-table Texas Hold’em tournaments

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Posted on: May 4, 2020 9:37 pm EDT

Use the tables to your advantage and play for the long-term, not the immediate win

Texas Hold’em poker offers many different playing scenarios with multi-table tournaments (MTT) to be among the most popular. But, to have success while playing one of these tournaments requires a great ability to adapt and have a couple of strategies ready. With how the blinds increase and the field size gets smaller, there are certain strategies that could be adopted as the game develops to improve your take.

At the beginning of an MTT there are small blinds, a lot of players and huge stack sizes, so keeping the pots smaller might be a better idea. There is no reason to risk a portion of your chip stack with so much to come. Keeping the pots smaller allows players to open their range and see more flops. In addition, playing low during the initial phases allows the player to measure the competition and see who a strong or smaller opponent is and be prepared accordingly.

An MTT event can be seen more like a marathon instead of a sprint, so stamina will decrease along the way, and it is important to be ready to handle this. By the time the tournament reaches its middle point – generally considered when the big bling reaches 100 – the stack sizes are evidently smaller. At this point, it is important to avoid unnecessary risks. Your chip stack has become more of a commodity, and it needs to be well taken care of.

As a good rule of thumb, though it has some exceptions, the best idea will be to fold anything that is not a premium hand, especially if you are in a middle position. You should always ask yourself what you would do if an aggressive player re-raises; if your gut tells you to fold, then it’s better to do so.